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Our Services

Post Tender

Not Awarded Project
  1. Project Study & Analysis
  2. Splitting Procurement Package
  3. Quantities Surveying/Verification
  4. Items Breakdown
  5. Value Engineering
  6. Providing Multilabel Quotations and Options
  7. Comparative analysis, Recommendation and Compliance
  8. Providing Material Technical Submitions (Engineering Support)
  9. Vendors and Sub-contractors' Pre-qualifications
  10. Procurement Planning, Monitoring & Managing
  11. Purchase Orders, LOA’s & Contracts Support
  12. Deliverables Inspection & QA/QC
  13. Documentation & Archiving

Pre Tender

Awarded Project
  1. Project Study
  2. Site Visit & Visual inspection
  3. Quantities Surveying/Verification
  4. Commercial Proposal (Priced BOQ)
  5. Technical Proposal (Presentation, Timeline, Resources Schedule, Delivery Plan, Safety Plan, Exclusion & Assumptions)
  6. Pre-Qualification Assistance (Aligning your company profile with project requirements)
  7. Preparing Submission Documents

Why Choose Projects Hub?

Cost Efficiency

1: Overall Project Cost Saving

Benefit from an overall project cost saving of 5% to 8%.

2: Upfront and Long-term Savings

Strategic procurement methods ensuring long-term cost efficiency.

3: Quality Maximization

Superior quality at a reduced cost, maximizing your investment.

Payment Security

1: Peace of Mind and Reliability

With Projects Hub, your funds are always protected, prioritizing financial security.

2: Professional & Trustworthy Supply Chain

Robust processes and vetted suppliers ensuring financial security and reliability.

3: Secure Payment Guarantee

Projects Hub guarantees the security of your payments, providing peace of mind.

Time Savings

1: Faster Procurement Timeline

Significant time savings, enabling a more efficient project timeline.

2: Hassle-Free Procurement

Streamlined procurement process allowing focus on core project activities.

3: Enhanced Efficiency

Significant time savings, enabling a more efficient project timeline.

Risk Mitigation

1: Proactive Risk Mitigation

Specialization in addressing potential delays before they become problems.

2: Avoiding Project Delays

Specialization in mitigating risks, ensuring minimal interruptions in projects.

3: Ensuring Project Continuity

Keep your project on track with proactive risk mitigation strategies.

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